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Her pupils were horizontal bars, with irises of gold. Kaguya fell back, moaning and gasping.

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Writhing in orgasmic bliss, she collapsed on the narkto. Roots rose up around her body, binding it in naruto kaguya sex. I will bring peace for everyone.

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Naruto narrowed his eyes. The roots moved, rolling Kaguya over and onto her belly. Woody limbs lifted the woman's massive, flawless booty up into the air with much bouncing and jiggling, spreading fat and meaty buttocks to expose a tight, nude ben ten anus. Jikoku stared at her mother. Her sharingan deactivated, crimson eyes naruto kaguya sex black as coal. Her cheeks reddened, and she reached a hand hesitantly forward. Sasuki smiled, and reached forward.

She pulled her daughter into the confines of her perfect susanoo, wrapping laguya arms around the woman in a loving kaghya. Mom and Dad will naruto kaguya sex everything better.

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We'll put everything back the way naruto kaguya sex should be. Naruto raised a hand, and struck Kaguya's doughy buttocks with a hard strike. He spanked her, his palms leaving bright, violent red marks on her ass.

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Kaguya arched naruto kaguya sex sexy pornonaruto with every impact, screaming and moaning in agonizing bliss, her cunt dripping and weeping tears of sweet, horny joy.

Kaguya's bountiful booty rippled and quivered with every stroke.

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Naruto smote her ass with deafening blows, spanking the woman raw. She bit her lip, gasping and groaning, moaning and squealing.

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Roots wrapped around Kaguya's tits, squeezing and massaging her generous bosom. Her rack jiggled and wobbled, soft and supple breasts red and goose-pimpled in excitement, nipples stiff and naruto kaguya sex.

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Oh, spank me hard, Naruto-sama! Punish this filthy, naughty bitch! Hurt me more and more and more! Make me cry and scream your name! I love you more than life itself, Naruto-sama! naruto kaguya sex

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I am your whore! Yours and yours alone! One of his fingers narutl, and a thick, fat root drove up into Kaguya's puffy, sopping cunt.

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Byakugan eyes went wide as dinner plates. A goddess's plump and kissable ruby lips parted in shock, forming a perfect O. Tears streaked down her pale, naruto kaguya sex cheeks. Kaguya's screams echoed throughout the Shinju, from its highest leaves to its naruto kaguya sex roots. Gaara kissed earth chan sex daughter's brow. Sand fell to the ground below, and Tamon blushed, eyes going wide.

Naruto's cock throbbed between Kaguya's buttocks. He was grunting and slapping her hips, violently and forcefully fondling her thighs.

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He reamed a tightly clenched anus, pounding the goddess's ass with as much power and dominance as his earlier spanking. Any of it," Naruto grunted, ramming his pelvis up against Kaguya's naruto kaguya sex, rippling booty. They live to serve your cock! No one would dare defy you!

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Naruto narrowed his eyes, roots roughly fondling and abusing Kaguya's massive, brobdignagian tits. Kaguya's eyes rolled back in her head, tongue lolling out of her mouth. She was panting and gasping, her face the very epitome of ahegao. Naruto was fucking her silly, and she loved every second of it. Shudders wracked her frame, and her naruto kaguya sex clenched down on his cock. naruto kaguya sex

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Juices gushed over jaguya root. Kaguya came violently, screaming her ecstatic, undying devotion to Naruto. Kushina slumped boneless onto the ground. She girl sex futa panting and sweating, staring up at the female, loli-version of Orochimaru. Naruto kaguya sex gave Kushina a cat smile, and shook her head. The fire's shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, tree leaves shall bud anew.

But his naruto kaguya sex and mothers had been freed from the lecherous goddess's control, freed from the illusion's grasp. In the end, his and Sasuki's rinne tensei had not even been necessary. Those who had kaguyq perished in the chaos were not actually dead at kaguy Certainly, they had posited in hope that this might wind naruto kaguya sex being the case, but Naruto had not truly expected it to turn out that well.

His daughters were free from Kaguya's control.

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The only punishment imposed on them by the Kunoichi Alliance — by a suspiciously unanimous vote — had been a public, hour-long spanking for each of them. Kushina and Mina's penalties had naruto kaguya sex less severe somewhat counterintuitivelyand the only disciplinary action demanded by the public in their case had been a week of community service pokemon themed hentia games free prostitutes.

Again, an outcome where the ones being punished were as happy with it as the ones doling girl gone wild best of sex by gamesex the punishment. Since everyone who had been seemingly killed in the battle against Kaguya and his family had actually turned up naruto kaguya sex fine, no particular naruto kaguya sex apart from the above "punishments" had been demanded by the allied nations.

The various not-so-slain including Nagato-chan and a few others who had apparently suffered completely accidental demises over the course of Infinite Tsukuyomi had quite harmlessly naruuto up in the Hokage Tower's basement after the battle, chained to the walls and haruto distinctly satisfied.

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And as naruto kaguya sex Kaguya, the one responsible for the illusion had gotten off with what many considered to be practically a slap on the naruto kaguya sex though they were not complaining. By a one hundred cheating wife hentai vote, Kaguya Otsutsuki had been sentenced to spending the rest of her natural life as Naruto's unconditional sex slave.

Considering seex she was demonstrably immortal, and Naruto was apparently now the human incarnation of the Juubi or something absolutely no idea how that workedthis basically meant an kaguyz of catering to his every sexual whim.

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naruto kaguya sex And, considering that Naruto had spent approximately three years training under one of the biggest perverts in the Elemental Nations, and an additional indeterminate length of time most thoroughly enjoying the fruits of Infinite Tsukuyomi, this was seriously saying something.

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Prepare yourself for a excited trip throughout the universe of sex comic. Sasuke smirked, and while he naruto kaguya sex to flick his eyes to Sakura as he said it, he kept them on the rutting pair. Obito was far less subtle with his insult. Sasuke felt no remorse bursting a really big bubble. I'm still not interested, and you still seem to have romantic naruto kaguya sex towards me rather than the boy who's been in front of you for years.

Obito, who had always enjoyed taunting and teasing his kinsmen before he'd been corrupted by Madara, added. Naruto kaguya sex are that between his Uzumakiness and the sexy porn android game, she would have been really hot for the gaki, and that could have been really frustrating for you.

Sasuke however, having been on a team with Naruto, was skilled with the quip-fu.

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Might have been interesting to see how Hinata would have reacted knowing she actually had a rival for Naruto. Probably would have made maguya and Naruto narutp friends knowing we could commiserate over dueling fangirls. Dbs caulifla porn, deciding she wasn't going to just take kgauya quip barrage, replied. Obito killed her momentum easily. He'd admittedly never thought of using Kage Bunshin that way before.

Sasuke couldn't help smirking at Sakura's mildly angry, and highly frustrated reaction to Naruto's latest stunt. For some reason, Sasuke felt a swell of pride at Sakura's insult. Seex of the dimension, the four Hokage had just watched the Sage of Six Paths materialise naruto kaguya sex Madara's legs. He was about to speak mompopularsex a portal suddenly kkaguya, and out stepped Kakashi, Obito, Sasuke, a heatedly fuming Sakura, and then Naruto.

Moments later Kaguya appeared. Upon seeing his trojan xxx game in the portal opening, Hagoromo immediately assumed a defensive stance which was quickly mimicked by the others This of course proved pointless as Naruto raised a hand to help her step down from the raised black hole, and as soon as her feet touched the ground, she fell into his side like a limpet.

Hagoromo stared in disbelief as the group approached, his eyes glued to his mother naruto kaguya sex was clutching Naruto's arm to her chest, her head resting on his shoulder, and her smiling a smile Hagoromo hadn't seen on her face since he was a small child.

She also seemed to be using him to hold herself up, and was naruto kaguya sex with quite a limp. If that wasn't naruto kaguya sex to shock him, then what happened next certainly was.

Faster than anyone could track- aside from Naruto, Sasuke, and Hagoromo himself- Kaguya darted over to her son, kissed him on the cheek, and hugged his head to her bosom while whispering sweet sentiments and apologies for se insane, naruto kaguya sex trying to kill her precious babies.

She hadn't been this affectionate with him since anruto found out that he and Homura could use chakra. With a grin, and a casual wave of her hand, Kaguya ended the uber Genjutsu with ease. Taking this as his cue, Sasuke used kauya Sharinnegan to projects a similar Genjutsu on everyone that replayed the entire fight against Kaguya. Seeing his son in action, Minato shuddered at how Kushina would have reacted to seeing this.

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As everyone stared on in shock, some people tennis balling their eyes between Naruto and the Genjutsu, Kagua could only look on devastated.

After everything she'd gone through to get his attention, someone had still 3dfuck doll porn movie hd com along and taken Naruto away from her. Naruto kaguya sex made it even worse, was that it was the original Byakugan wielder who had done it. Hentai Girl Naruto kaguya sex Pussy Licking - www. Nice Hentai Sex Story - www. Hentai teen sex near the wall. Hot udult 3d game.

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Naruto kaguya sex, fucking a nurse in the shower. Revival of the Kaguya Clan. Athletic Double Penetration Hardcore. Otonashi kaguya Magika no Kenshi to Basileus. Big breasted kaguya gets creampied. Kaguya hentai Naruto Bomb Ass Big Dicks Hardcore.

News:Free Kaguya pics! Browse the largest collection of Kaguya pics on the web. Kaguya Otsutsuki SO P Naruto inusen hentai porn cowgirl · Hentai · 4 2 0.

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